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    Turning Mon Reale® Motifs into Large-Scale Mouldings

    By White River Design 2 years ago
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    Author: Nick Lester Bellphoto-1

    To the right  is the main theater in the new Minnesota Masonic Heritage Center in Bloomington, MN. The designer on this project loved two of our Mon Reale® profiles: FR8923 Greek Key with Rosette and FR8968 Fluting with Bellflowers. These are beautiful pieces, but they were too small for the applications need. They needed the Greek Key to be 7 7/8”. The Fluting had to be 11 3/4”. As you can see below, this creates really big mouldings, being held below by Joan Johnson, an owner, Senior Designer, and President of White River.





    These mouldings were designed and developed as handcarved pieces. It was not economical to enlarge the ornamentation using our standard Mon Reale production method. We drew CAD details to guide our carving factory on how the pieces were to be

    On the jobsite, the Greek Key mouldings went along the bottom of box seats to either side of the stage.

    The Fluting formed a pediment above the Corinthian columns and a large surround to emphasize the curtained stage opening.

    The overall effect is a beautiful space that only White River can

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