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    Below are some recent Design Services projects. We post updates regularly so make sure you check back to see some of our current projects.

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    Mantels and Wall Panels for a Chicago Showroom

    November 17, 2016
    Author: Stewart Allen Morgan Besides designing for clients’ homes, White River’s Design Services team also creates beautiful pieces for our dealers’ showrooms. Stan Rousonelos, owner of Highland Park Millwork in Chicago, was updating his showroom and had a vision of something unique and eye-catching. He wanted an ornamented focal point, that when lit at night, would continue to be a silent salesman on his busy avenue. The space he allocated was perfect for a petite traditional mantel with an overmantel and panelled walls to finish it. Coming from a background in trim carpentry, he was fearless about building it himself. The highlight of the space is the mantel, which features our new FR8981 medallion frieze to great effect. On the overmantel, our FR8920 fluted frieze forms a widely framed panel to complement the width of the frieze in the mantel below. A highly sculptural chairrail (CA8348, a running leaf and lamb’s tongue casing) set at the level of the top of the mantel surround demarcated the wainscoat area. Equally sculptural were the wall panels and base cap, being made from our PM8571 egg and dart bolection panel mould. The bolection shape has become a favorite in our Design Department for wall panels due to the strong shadow line that it creates.   After painting, the owner also applied a soft glazing to the mouldings and the millwork was stunning against the ruby colored wall. Lit at night, in this modern world, which at times seems devoid of the past, Stan’s mantel speaks volumes to the Interiors We Love! Great millwork and design, while often thought of as a domestic building component only, can greatly enhance any room. From traditional to contemporary, the right mouldings set the tone of the space.

    Turning Mon Reale® Motifs into Large-Scale Mouldings

    October 31, 2016
    Author: Nick Lester Bell To the right  is the main theater in the new Minnesota Masonic Heritage Center in Bloomington, MN. The designer on this project loved two of our Mon Reale® profiles: FR8923 Greek Key with Rosette and FR8968 Fluting with Bellflowers. These are beautiful pieces, but they were too small for the applications need. They needed the Greek Key to be 7 7/8”. The Fluting had to be 11 3/4”. As you can see below, this creates really big mouldings, being held below by Joan Johnson, an owner, Senior Designer, and President of White River.       These mouldings were designed and developed as handcarved pieces. It was not economical to enlarge the ornamentation using our standard Mon Reale production method. We drew CAD details to guide our carving factory on how the pieces were to be produced. On the jobsite, the Greek Key mouldings went along the bottom of box seats to either side of the stage. The Fluting formed a pediment above the Corinthian columns and a large surround to emphasize the curtained stage opening. The overall effect is a beautiful space that only White River can provide.

    Exquisite Millwork Adorns This Dermatology Clinic and Spa.

    September 28, 2016
    This is the professional office of a high-end dermatologist and spa in Houston, Texas. The intricately moulded interior features panelled walls and ornate cabinetry. The clients love coming to his office and the elegant interior lifts their spirits. It has definitely contributed to putting his name on the map. Decorative frieze are flanked by heavy column detail. Ornate capitals and fluted pilasters accept the frieze with medallion blocks. Cabinets are 16’ in length. Products Shown: CRV5129, CA329, CM73, CRV5125        Carved corners touch top and bottom on small doors – perfect. Products Shown: CRV5079, PM74, PM535, B403  An elaborate panel layout makes this big wall feel really detailed. Products Shown: PM577  An elegant opening is perfectly placed in a panelled wall. Products Shown: FR8965, CA325, CM8810, PM8568  

    White River’s Architectural Millwork is featured in the New BMC Dallas Design Center

    September 28, 2016
          BMC is a Best-In-Class provider of building materials, offering doors, millwork, and a wide range of related services. They have locations in 14 major markets across nine different states and continue to grow. White River has worked with BMC for two decades, and they have always been an excellent ProDealer to work with promoting all of White River’s products and services. Recently, we worked together to develop several areas of BMC’s new Dallas Design Center. This is a display piece of superbly crafted products while also being an education center on the current innovations and trends in the building industry.   The centerpiece of our work together is this gorgeous coffered ceiling (above). It was developed together by the White River’s Design Services department and Chris Ludwig, the BMC’s Design Center Specialist. The goal of the design was to showcase modern possibilities. The coffers utilize two of our new Contemporary Mouldings, the CO671 and B477. The ceiling features non-rectangular shaped coffers, speaking to the potential for creative design.   White River will be just one of an entire collection of excellent manufacturers on display when the showroom opens next week. For those local to the Dallas area, BMC is celebrating with a Grand Opening on March 19th and it’d be a great opportunity to check out all they have to offer. For more information about all the BMC Design Center has to offer, please contact Chris Ludwig, Millwork Specialist: 425 Airline Drive, Suite 100 Coppell, TX 75019 Phone: (214) 926-0593 Email:

    White Oak Adds Rich Detail to a Panelled Library

    September 7, 2016
    Author: Stewart Allen Morgan For this richly panelled Library, we were asked to create stock and custom profiles in quartersawn White Oak. The beautiful rays and flecks of quartersawn Oak are highly desirable. The homeowner liked both the simplicity of a contemporary look and the graceful detailing of a traditional, both of which can be seen in this room. • Shallow beams, made with our CO705 Traditional cove, create a coffered ceiling system. • The frieze below the crown was custom carved and the design was taken from a motif in the rug that was to be in this room. • Quartersawn White Oak plywood was used in each panel with our Traditional PM577 lipping panel mould at the panels’ edges. • A simple wainscoat-like element was created with our PM613 separating the panel’s rails above from the plane of White Oak below. • The base was made from 1x material with a custom base cap modified from a stock profile. • Our CA393 Traditional casing was scaled down to 3” in width, and elliptical arches in the casing were made in our Custom Shop. • A mantel surround was created using profiles found elsewhere in the room. The result was a warm and inviting room which the homeowner will enjoy for many years to come. While using stock profiles is more economical, adding a custom profile or two, or having the mouldings made from a custom species can give a room a personal touch that makes it your own.  

    Classically Designed Executive Office, Richly Stained

    August 8, 2016
    Author: Joan Johnson Recently, Nobu Archi Design of Japan forwarded our marketing department photography of a completed elegant executive office in an impressive hospital. White River’s Design Services worked with Nobu in 2014, with the expectation of a rich layered classical office, but with a contemporary feel in the ornament. The coin motif was used in the: • Corbelled plasters at the doors • Engaged columns capitals • Frieze above cabinetry • Cornice around the perimeter of the room • Traditional moulding applications complimented ornamentation in the wall panel, coffered ceiling and all other applications White River’s Design Services worked to refine Nobu’s vision by producing finished drawings, final elevations and construction drawings. We take pride in our ability to take your ideas and transform them into the interior of your dreams. To learn more about our Design Services contact one of our Design Professionals to discuss your project at 1.800.558.0119 or

    Celebrating Independence Day with a Handcarved Eagle

    June 29, 2016
    Author: Nick Lester Bell The majority of what White River produces are inspired by Classical architecture. These motifs are beautiful and functional, having stood the test of time. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be excited about something outside of our standard scope of work. This patriotic custom eagle carving was just such an opportunity.  The customer brought us these images as their starting point. The left image shows the United States crest, which was the inspiration for the shape and layout of the eagle. The image on the right shows a wood eagle with the desired level of detail. We developed the carving through a series of iterations, using a mix of CAD and hand drawing. This helped us work out the details and develop the shape. The final CAD drawing is to the right: This CAD file was converted into a beautiful carving. The final eagle is 17 ¾” wide, 14” tall, and 1 3/4″ thick. Below are photos showing off a host of special details.If you can imagine it, White River can create it. Bring us your dreams and watch them become real. Happy Independence Day!

    When is Bigger Better? Enlarging a Mantel the White River Way

    May 12, 2016
    Author: Nick Lester Bell At first glance, the above mantel looks like our MAN9012. There is the same beautiful center carving and those hefty corbels. But then look at the mantel relative to the objects around it. That’s when it clicks: this mantel is big. Significantly bigger than our stock piece. Not that our stock MAN9012 is small. At 7’-3” wide and 4’-10 ¾” tall, it’s a pretty impressive carving. But this custom piece is over a foot taller and a foot wider. The custom mantel covers a wall area nearly 50% larger than the stock piece. This took some careful planning and fabrication. We did not want to use the same size pieces as they were designed. Nor did we want to just add more. Both have their place in millwork design, but both approaches would create a mantel that feels differently than the MAN9012. The customer also wanted the mantel in White Oak, further necessitating custom solutions. Instead, the key items were re-designed and proportionally adjusted. This enabled White River to maintain the stock mantel’s look and feel at the larger size. Detailed drawings were created by our in-house design staff, which then guided the work of master carvers to re-create the look and feel of MAN9012. These pieces were then assembled in our custom shop. The above photo shows the detail of the large central carving flanked by ornate mouldings to the top and bottom. The customer’s space was of a size that demanded this larger scale. It took special effort to scale everything up to a proper size and scale. The end result is proof that bigger done right is better.

    Custom Doors: White River Makes Those Too!

    April 12, 2016
    Author: Nick Lester Bell When customers think of White River, what generally comes to mind are the ornamented long length mouldings or our detailed handcarvings. Many do not realize that White River has the ability to do high-end, custom doors as well. In fact, our Custom Shop has been building doors for over twenty-five years.                 Detail from Volume 7 page 65 In the new Volume 7, we highlight these custom door capabilities. It was here that a customer saw the above custom door. They wanted us to replicate this look for a new set of doors for their project. The starting place was the central carving. These are custom pieces, carved for this specific job. Here you can see that several were made in both walnut and maple.                    The carvings were integrated into the doors. We added custom curved mouldings, shaped to match the form of the carving. The panels themselves have multiple levels of mouldings, built up into a beautiful detail. On the walnut door, the center of the panel is angled in a herringbone-like pattern. The maple door is a single with curved top. Its panels have a basket weave pattern in their center. The end result are beautiful custom doors that give a unique flavor to a high-end home.

    Getting Beautiful Panel Details Just Right

    March 11, 2016
    Author: Nick Lester Bell Our customer brought us a special challenge. They had need of custom panel assemblies for a high-end hotel in New York City. There were a multitude of carvings to be combined with custom curved and straight mouldings.             The initial drawings were designed for compositional ornament. This meant we could not carve directly from those hand sketches. We spent the time to reinterpret the details into style that works with wood properly. This meant creating new CAD documentation for each carvings. Overall, there were nine different carvings, in White Oak, Douglas Fir, and Lindenwood. Quantities ranged from one-off pieces up to 65 copies. The carvings sizes were equality diverse, with the largest being over 40” wide and 40” tall. These pieces were meticulously handcarved, creating beautiful details and shapes. Custom curved and straight mouldings were built in our moulding facility. These were shaped to fit the carvings perfectly. Everything was pre-cut, assembled, labeled, then separated and packaged for transport. These carvings and mouldings were installed on site, then finished with a dark stain. The end result is a collection of stunning spaces. Not every project has the budget and time for custom carvings. That is why we also have 3,000+ stock products ready to ship in 2-5 days. These too can be used to make beautiful panel work.If you can imagine it, White River can create it. Bring us your dreams and watch them become real.

    A Customized Stock Mantel with a Big Personality

    February 16, 2016
    Author: Stewart Allen Morgan In this project, the customer liked our stock MAN9021 mantel, but it was too short for his fireplace opening. This is not an unusual problem with our stock mantels, but there is an easy solution. Along with the stock mantel, we provided the customer with custom plynth blocks to raise the overall mantel height to the appropriate dimension. With no existing hearth (and a desire to continue not having a hearth), something else had to fill the space where a hearth is usually expected. So our FR8965 Rinceau scrolls frieze was used, in an atypical fashion, creating detail where the hearth would in a typical design. An egg and dart panel mould, trimming the edge of the firebox, gave a touch of ornament to the interior of the mantel. Finally, this was all finished with a Traditional baseboard which wrapped the entire bottom of the piece. The result is a lavish French style mantel with a lot of depth and character to replace the flat, demure mantel that was there before. So even if we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, it quite possibly could be customized to your needs.

    When You Need a Carving to be Bigger and Better!

    January 15, 2016
    Author: Nick Lester Bell White River has a wide selection of stock carvings. For most projects, we can find a stock product that works. But sometimes what we have is close, but not close enough. That is where custom products can be a perfect option.   For this project, our customer loved our Large Acanthus Finial CRV5536, but needed it to be both wider and taller. They were also looking for a full-round, instead of our half round.       We increased the finial from our standard dimension of 4 ¼”h x 2 3/8”w up to a more impressive 8”h x 6”w. These dimensions are a different proportion, being wider than the stock part. This meant that the piece could not just be scaled up. It needed to be actively tweaked to fit the new shape.               The order was for 28 units in Maple, creating an impressive set when laid out on the table.The end result is a beautiful product that emulates the stock product, but is its own object. Have a similar need? Call White River for your custom needs.

    Creating a Custom Carved Column for Cabinetry

    December 15, 2015
    Author: Stewart Allen Morgan White River specializes in the creation of custom mouldings and woodcarvings. We were approached by Busby Cabinets of Alachua, Florida about applying one of the motifs from our handcarved mouldings to the design of a custom carved cabinet leg. The sides of the leg were edged with three scrolls, the barrel sides of which formed the face. Onto this face, the motif from MLD5903 (our handcarved “Running Palmette” moulding) was applied. Transforming a linear three dimensional carved design into one which followed the contours of a scrolled cabinet leg was a challenge. The motif necessarily had to be altered slightly to conform to the drastic changes in depth in the face of the leg. Placement of the motif was important too, because of where each element would end up lying. The lower palmette was surrounded by two vining “limbs,” which were then joined by two rings. These rings had to be centered on the lower scroll barrel, and the palmette itself was to sit just above that requiring a stretching of the motif. The scrolls of the upper palmette likewise had to lie on the face of the upper scroll barrel, and the majority of the palmette to lie within a panel below the scroll, necessitating the omission of the limbs. When the drawing was complete, the carving factory produced a 3D computer model of the leg, which the carvers used as a guide for their work. After a few revisions, the result was a delightfully organic representation of leaves and vines undulating around scrolls. If you have an idea for a moulding or carving in mind but cannot find it, we can probably create it. Call White River for your custom needs. If you are in the Gainesville, FL area and looking to build or remodel your kitchen, visit Busby Cabinets at

    Classically Inspired Great Room for the Contemporary Oklahoma Family

    November 17, 2015
    Author: Stewart Allen Morgan A recent project completed using White River’s products and Design Services is the Mueggenborg Residence in Yale, OK. One of the most impressive moments in the home is the Great Room. A 19” tall crown detail visually lifts the ceiling using our Traditional (unornamented) mouldings. In the tradition of Classical architecture, this crown detail is an entablature with a tripartite composition: • At the top of the architrave is our CO716 light cove. Light from this cove washes the entirety of the remaining entablature. • The frieze is a simple DS1x10. • This is then surmounted by the cornice, composed of panel moulds and our CO670 cove, which then reaches out onto the ceiling with a DS1x6 and our PM622 at its termination. The visual upward spring from the CO670 is accentuated by the uplighting, creating the ceiling lift. On the South wall are three sets of glazed double doors with transom lights, all of which are visually linked by six narrow panels formed using our PM610 panel mould.             What is probably the best moment in the room is the cabinetry and mantel wall. Two identical sets of cabinetry flank the fireplace, each having a set of cabinets below and open shelving above. The cabinet doors are clad in concentric rings of panel moulds at the edges of the panels. These banks of cabinets form pedestals for the smooth pilasters which flank the open shelving. Each pilaster employs a CRV5132 attic base and a CRV5131 handcarved acanthus capital. These pilasters visually support the two elliptical arches which span the openings of the shelves. The arches are composed of a Traditional casing wrapped by our Mon Reale BB8101, an egg and dart backband, and finally, a custom key punctuates the center of each arch. The fireplace protrudes slightly in front of the cabinetry, bringing the mantel onto center stage. Two large beveled plynths act as the intersection between the room’s baseboard, a DS1x8 with PM529 shoe and PM622 cap, and the vertical legs of the mantel. From the outer edges of dimensional stock, mouldings on the face of the mantel recede inward toward the firebox, with a moment of pause using flatstock, another step in using our CR810 crown, and finally, an inner ring of ornament using our PM8535 egg and dart panel mould. This combination of Classical elements, smooth Traditional mouldings, and with a touch of Classical ornamentation from our Mon Reale collection, led to a classic and refined home that also feels warm and comfortable for the modern lifestyle. Detailed CAD Drawings Below:

    Decorative Mouldings Create a Triumphal Arch in New York City

    September 30, 2015
    Author: Stewart Allen Morgan This unique condition of two elevator openings, combined with an opening leading to a stair between them, lacked detail in its previous iteration. The openings seemed unfinished. There was also little sense of contextuality. New York City Interior Designer, Liz Douglas, approached White River to solve these problems. The result was akin to a triumphal arch from antiquity. • The composition included panelled pilasters and an entablature made of stock and custom pieces. • Panels were formed on the face of the pilasters using dimensional stock with our PM6028 panel mould trimming the edges.                       • Dimensional stock was also used for the plynths. • The architrave was made of our CM74 dentil crown. It was broken at the center to allow for the shouldered arch. • Fluting within the frieze was custom made and horizontally bordered by our PM535 panel mould. • The central bay protrudes forward to receive the handcarved acanthus crown, MLD5839, at its edge. Doorways, even elevator doors, deserve special attention, and the treatment of these doorways greatly helped to finish the room.
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