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    A Gorgeous Hand-Built Wood Mantel

    By White River Design 4 years agoNo Comments
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    Our client was looking for a unique wood mantel. The majority of the piece had a very detailed but traditional shape. In contrast, the face was to be more delicate and organic.

    The mantel was built by hand in the White River custom shop. Special features4 included:
    • Custom mouldings to match the existing space
    • Tapered legs with tapered panels
    • Intricate curved work
    Mantel CAD








    To make the central forms required some creativity. We started with an existing wood carving, our “Medium Scrolls” CRV5649. We trimmed and reshaped it to match the client’s desired look.

    3 Across the face, the mouldings curved toward the central carving. They tapered in both width and height, diminishing until they died into the carving. This involved a lot of hard work and careful hand shaping.

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