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    Decorative Mouldings Create a Triumphal Arch in New York City

    By White River Design 3 years agoNo Comments
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    Author: Stewart Allen Morgan
    2-upThis unique condition of two elevator openings, combined with an opening leading to a stair between them, lacked detail in its previous iteration. The openings seemed unfinished. There was also little sense of contextuality. New York City Interior Designer, Liz Douglas, approached White River to solve these problems. The result was akin to a triumphal arch from antiquity.

    • The composition included panelled pilasters and an entablature made of stock and custom pieces.
    • Panels were formed on the face of the pilasters using dimensional stock with our PM6028 panel mould trimming the edges.                       • Dimensional stock was also used for the plynths.
    • The architrave was made of our CM74 dentil crown. It was broken at the center to allow for the shouldered arch.
    • Fluting within the frieze was custom made and horizontally bordered by our PM535 panel mould.
    • The central bay protrudes forward to receive the handcarved acanthus crown, MLD5839, at its edge.

    Doorways, even elevator doors, deserve special attention, and the treatment of these doorways greatly helped to finish the room.
    Elevator Elevation.JPG

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