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    Creating a Custom Carved Column for Cabinetry

    By White River Design 3 years agoNo Comments
    Home  /  Blog  /  Custom Work  /  Creating a Custom Carved Column for Cabinetry

    Author: Stewart Allen MorganIMG_1645 resized
    White River specializes in the creation of custom mouldings and woodcarvings. We were approached by Busby Cabinets of Alachua, Florida about applying one of the motifs from our handcarved mouldings to the design of a custom carved cabinet leg.
    The sides of the leg were edged with three scrolls, the barrel sides of which formed the face. Onto this face, the motif from MLD5903 (our handcarved “Running Palmette” moulding) was applied.
    Transforming a linear three dimensional carved design into one which followed the contours of a scrolled cabinet leg was a challenge. The motif necessarily had to be altered slightly to conform to the drastic changes in depth in the face of the leg. Placement of the motif was important too, because of where each element would end up lying.

    The lower palmette was surrounded by two vining “limbs,” which were then joined by two rings. These rings had to be cPosts Carved Details -2.cdrentered on the lower scroll barrel, and the palmette itself was to sit just above that requiring a stretching of the motif. The scrolls of the upper palmette likewise had to lie on the face of the upper scroll barrel, and the majority of the palmette to lie within a panel below the scroll, necessitating the omission of the limbs.Untitled-1

    When the drawing was complete, the carving factory produced a 3D computer model of the leg, which the carvers used as a guide for their work. After a few revisions, the result was a delightfully organic representation of leaves and vines undulating around scrolls.
    If you have an idea for a moulding or carving in mind but cannot find it, we can probably create it. Call White River for your custom needs. If you are in the Gainesville, FL area and looking to build or remodel your kitchen, visit Busby Cabinets at
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