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    Custom Doors: White River Makes Those Too!

    By White River Design 2 years agoNo Comments
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    1Author: Nick Lester Bell
    When customers think of White River, what generally comes to mind are the ornamented long length mouldings or our deta2iled handcarvings. Many do not realize that White River has the ability to do high-end, custom doors as well. In fact, our Custom Shop has been building doors for over twenty-five years.





            Detail from Volume 7 page 65

    In the new Volume 7, we highlight these custom door capabilities. It was here that a customer saw the above custom door. They wanted us to replicate this look for a new set of doors for their project.

    3The starting place was the central carving. These are custom pieces, carved for this specific job. Here you can see that several were made in both walnut and maple.











     The carvings were integrated into the doors. We added custom curved mouldings, shaped to match the form of the carving.

    The panels themselves have multiple levels of mouldings, built up into a beautiful detail. On the walnut door, the center of the panel is angled in a herringbone-like pattern.

    6The maple door is a single with curved top. Its panels have a basket weave pattern in their center.

    9The end result are beautiful custom doors that give a unique flavor to a high-end home.

      Custom Doors
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